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Squelch squelch squelch!

I laid in bed last night listening to the rain on the roof, thinking would this morning be my first rainy run? Would I bail out and play on the treadmill? Would I bail out totally and stay in bed?

Well, the morning dawned (even if I wasn't awake for it) bright and clear. The alarm went off, I turned it off. Hubby roused me (I won't say woke, coz I wasn't totally under, but wouldn't have known about it if he hadn't) with a goodbye kiss. I finally dragged myself out of bed, put my running kit on, ate a chocolate bar (oops), glugged some water and left.

I'd also thought about routes last night, but had forgotten all this and set off on the route I was very disappointed in last week as it fell short of the 5k mark (4.94k). It's an out and back route, a very narrow loop, and it was only on the way back that I was reminded that it had rained last night, a massive puddle causing me to go round it rather than through it. This was followed by a short off road bit which was totally waterlogged, I must have slept through a lot of rain! Shoes now need to do some serious drying.

Well I came back a slightly different way and ran up and down the hilly bit all the way to our side gate. I'm impressed, I usually walk the last bit as it's up, down, up!

Total distance: 5.48k

Total time: 37.56!!!!!! :) :D :) :D :)

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Brilliant!!! :-)

I've only once gone so far over 5K and atm I'm still working up again after bashing my knee. Looking forward to another 5K celebration but next week's goal is either 3.5 or 4K first!

I reckon your time is a good excuse for a bottle in the fridge :-D


Now that I've figured out how far 5k is, with regards to roads round here, I'm getting there....


Why not put one of the new Garmin Forerunner 10s on your Christmas list? I just love mine and it's so easy to operate, I could figure it all out by myself including the uploading and the website so it must be really idiot-proof... :-P

The ladies' ones are yukky green or pink so I got a man's one, biggish but not loose and it works, which is the main thing. With it you can see exactly how fast you ran all through your route, it tells you if you ran a new record, ave. times/pace etc etc etc... I'm beginning to sound like an advertisment now - but they're great! :-D


Problem is that then 'd have to choose between the kobo eReader which is already on the list and the fore runner. And we're being buried under books, so I think the Kobo will win. So I need to see if I will succumb in the sales, if they are in the sales, or wait a couple of months and ask the birthday fairy for one.


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