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W4 done - but feeling very apprehensive about W5

Hi all,

Just finished the last W4 run. It has taken me 10 days to complete the 3 runs for W4, not becase I found them terribly difficult, but because other things have got in the way. Today was my first run in 4 days. Out of all the W4 runs, this one I found very hard, and had to stop for 10 secs for each of the 5 min runs. Am now feeling very apprehensive about W5....... Also only managed 3km.

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Don't worry about the distance it is the time spent running that is important. If you follow the programme and Laura's instructions you will be able to complete week 5, although it sounds hard to believe, somehow you just do it. Believe ne I find running quite a struggle and couldn't run to the end of the road when I started but can now run (slowly) for 25 mins without stopping. Believe and you will do it. Good luck for wk5 and keep us posted on your progress.


I found W4 very hard - but then W5 which I had feared, turned out to be easier than expected - still hard but entirely doable. I've only one run left to do and I still only manage 3.5 km. I just look back and think that in W1 I could scarcely run for a minute and now in week 9 I'm running for 30. Distance doesn't matter - you can build on that later.


hi runningnewbie,

i am just about to go out now and do Week 5 R1 , I haven't run since last Friday due to other things, Hope I don't find it too difficult . , although if i'm honest I was thinking that about Wk4, Wk 3 etc ...........and here we are ......still a bit apprehensive though.. Good Luck with Week 5


I'm half way through week 5 and having done 8 mins with surprising ease, I'm starting to believe 20 is possible (maybe!). But run 1 of the week is three sets of 5 and you’ve done 5 already, so you will manage! One run at a time & it will all work out. Good luck!


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