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W11R1 done and almost a fall

Almost my first fall this evening, having seen my way safely through ten weeks of run-on-run improvement (just about). Perhaps it will teach me to keep my eyes open to the inevitable uneven paving stones. I was heading towards the road that runs along the side of our local park and only a lamppost stopped me from ending up sprawled over the public highway. Lucky me.

No obvious damage but it did leave me a little winded and slightly down on the clock. 5k in 27 minutes 5 secs and a total distance of 5.53k in the 30 minutes mean no big complaints. I also seem to have got a grip on that 4th km that was slowing me down so much the other day. I will give it another W9 podcast run this Thursday and possibly Sunday too. I think I want to consolidate the times and extend that distance a bit further if I can before I have a look at the Stamina and Speed runs of C25k+.

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wow, you are doing great times Janda, that strategy is really working well for you. I must admit I haven't tried running in the dark yet (apart from the 5K organised run a few weeks ago) and I don't really run around the roads, but I've often wondered how you all do it - I'm such a wuss, I know ;-) Glad you survived ok without any injuries.

I tried the speed podcast yesterday, it was interesting, I will do it again. It was kind of easy, but I really felt like I'd done some work by the end of it, a really good one to do if you are limited on time.

I see we didn't get our badges yet :-( Guess half term is to blame


Thanks vixiej. Hope the badges make their way to us soon .. before my half term break is up!!


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