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Couch to 5K
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17 weeks to go ~ its getting closer!!

ok, last week ended up being a pilates class, a 3mile run & a massive 7.5mile run.

this week have got the children home for half term so will have to juggle things to fit it my runs. am having an extra day off after my long run on saturday & gym is shut for refurbishment from weds to sat so no pilates class this week. am actually beginning to feel the benefit of that, especially the day afterwards :)

so, this week I will do a "run a mile as fast as I can" run followed by quickly getting my breath back & jogging the rest of the 3miles, incorporating a big big hill.

another 3mile jog. this normally takes me around 35mins.

long run. this week I am dropping the distance as I am aware that doing too much too soon may cause injury & I really dont want that, so, an hours running, probably around 5miles & a bit...

thats it. all down in writing so cant get away from it now :)

happy running :)

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Well done, you're doing great!


I'm exhausted reading this! Glad you're being sensible re over-doing things! Take care and good luck!


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