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W10R3: weird and confusing

I'm not able to post this to the C25k+ blog yet and hope to get my graduate badge soon. Since graduating last Sunday I have run 2 W9 runs to Laura's podcast and tracking by Endomondo. It's been great and time and distance have both continued to improve.

Today was slightly different. I said I'd try the Stepping Stones podcast (C25k+) and so I did. Cold but dressed for it I got out and managed the 5 minute warm-up but was already hating the music. Then I got a false-start with Laura giving an unclear indication to GO! I did get going eventually but the rhythm was really hard to focus on. I felt that to keep to it I would slow right down or have to speed up way beyond my usual pace. I got to the point within minutes of saying: I'll stop in a sec, get to my next turn that start a regular 5k. But I didn't. I just kept going and not really getting it. 1k in 5:25 seemed ok and 2k in 11:00 meant it wasn't awful but I wasn't happy. In the end I just persevered. I probably zoned out of the music and just got on.

Time was down for my recent form but still 5k under 28 minutes. Due to the mix-up at the start I did 29 mins 37 secs underestimating the 30 mins but I didn't feel too bad about it. Another 5k clocked up and reasonable speed. I'll need to think about Tues/ Thurs this week. May go back to W9 twice more before trying Stamina on the C25k+ programme. More later!!

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Hi Janda, your 5k times are really good. I haven't tried stepping stones yet, but I have done speed and stamina and they work well for me (particularly speed). However, I am slower than you (5k in 35 mins) and I have heard people saying on here that the 5K+ podcasts are quite tricky for you fast people as they are too slow and awkward for your natural paces. I have also heard recommendations for the Audiofuel series which does workouts at 180 BPM, which may be worth a look into (the 5K+ ones focus around the 150-165 BPM range).


Hi Janda, well done stamina isn't my favourite workout I have to say, I prefer Speed with an extra 10 minutes tagged on the end.

Give John (JR21) a reminder message about your graduation cos there was a problem with the site last weekend its maybe floating around in cyber space.


I don't find the the bpm suits me either and I feel like a pantomime horse with the people inside not getting on with each other... :-) I have found that making up playlists with the right bpm for warmups and run is good and also that really exciting thriller audiobooks are great too!


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