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Week Six has been knocked for six!

That is Week Six done and dusted, without incident. I did each run on the treadmill though (I already get up for work at 5.40 am, so no way to fit outdoor runs in - late night gym sessions r us).

Have I cheated by switching to a treadmill part way through? I found it a bit easier, even with an incline - although not quite as enjoyable. Eek - can't believe I am talking about running being enjoyable. My, how things have changed over the last six weeks or so!!

Roll on lucky 7...

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I did all my running on treadmill as I wasn't confident going out and trying to get my co ordination long as you are doing it that's what's important x I too never thought there would come a day that I would enjoy running..but I have become addicted as its my way of switching off from my day ....keep up the great work...


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