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Xmas Quest week six

Hi there and welcome to week six

Well here we go with the final week of the Xmas quest.

This week I will post a final post for this particular quest on Friday. That way we can all start to put up our quest achievements during the weekend. Then next Monday I will post a new quest post.

We have had requests for a valentine quest which I would like to start on 6th January and call it the love to run valentine quest.

So I suggest we do a interim small quest to help us go through the next few weeks. I have guests for Xmas and will need to make my excuses to go out for my runs as I don't want to just eat and sit all over the holidays. Two things that I am usually quite capable of doing at Christmas.

I am working towards making the quest a more substantial achievement. I am in discussion with the admin to see how we can take things forward a little.

Please bear with me if I make any mistakes as I am not used to doing this sort of thing.














































Oh and me realfoodieclub.

Good luck everybody and happy running.

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Hit a bit of a glitch with mig "raine stopped play" Saturday & Sunday & I had already had a 2 day break so haven't run since last Wednesday. I had hoped to have 30mins back under my belt by the end of the week & I will - just not X 3 times, which was my plan. Like the idea of an interim quest to keep us going over Christmas.


sounds like your still going great guns. Good luck with the 30 min. Its hard this time of year to fit everything in.


Went out to have a go with what I felt must surely be my newly healed calf and within a few strides could feel it complaining. So, adjusted my stride and took shorter steps and that seemed to help. Had got caught up in things this morning so didn't have much time so only ran for 15 minutes. But......that's 10 minutes longer than my recent runs! So, progress, I think! Still nowhere near doing my 5K but there's always next year!

Went straight to my Pilates class after so hope that's helped to stretch out the dodgy calf.

Have two lots of visitors this week so not sure, though, when I can next get out there!!


I can understand how you feel. But I take pride in the fact we are still trying and as you 15 min is better than before so its still forwards. Good for you for still being here and keeping going. As you say there is next year, its not a race. we will plod through at our own pace but we will still be doing it.


Three runs last week - didn't get out this afternoon, so am hoping to do W5R3 of my bridge to 10k programme tomorrow. That's 2 x 30 minutes with a minute's walk between. THEN my final run will be for an hour without stopping.... well that's the plan! A few distractions coming up in the next few days, so I'm HOPING I'll manage the hour run on or before Saturday.

Massive storms are forecast starting tomorrow, and I think I could just be excused for wimping out, but will keep you posted.


Hope the storms didn't prove too destructive. Good luck on your hours run.


Thank you. So far the only destruction I have experienced is to my running schedule. The weather hasn't been too bad at all today, but last week it was 25 degrees here and today it's about 5, and my body just can't cope with the idea of going out in the "cold". (I do realise that some of you run in FAR colder conditions!)


Sadly, it looks like my quest will fail. Trying to run 5k in 38 minutes, saturday it took me 44 minutes, even slower than normal!

However, I still intend to go to parkrun on saturday, and think perhaps my next quest will be different (achievable).


please don't use the word fail. you were out there running for 44 min that's great and should never be under estimated. I could only dream of running for that length of time at the moment.


Think I was having a bad week last week, couldn't run without being tired quickly or out of breath.

But yesterday managed 5k in 41:35. :)


Running 7 miles - nearly there 11k done at weekend. Going to gym twice a week and doing speed work on treadmill -dull but i do feel the benefit.

Weight loss 1.5 pounds - v good - want to do another pound this week.

All going ok- but slightly anxious about xmas and undoing all the hard work!


Xmas wont be that much of a challenge if your running those sort of distances and going to the gym. Well done on the weight loss. Your going great guns.


I missed two running opprtunities this week because of late finishes at work and visiting family at the weekend so haven't ran since Tuesday.

However I have been "running" spontaneously on my way to work where possible. Only short bursts but it's not easy with a huge bag on my shoulder and wrapped up in my winter clothes - every little helps though, doesn't it?

Back into routine this week hopefully and looking forward to my parkrun on Saturday.


good for you. It sounds like your using every opportunity that comes your way.


I, sadly, am not going to complete my quest. :-(

I'm not going to make excuses other than to say I have had a severe lack of motivation over the last couple of weeks. So I have decided to give myself this week off as I have something on every evening and start refreshed on Sunday. My idea is that I cut myself some slack whilst I'm really busy at work and then I'm going to book an event to do possibly in March to give me something to aim for.

Well done all of you who are on track as well as those who have not quite got there!

Here's to some fun festive running! :-)

Viki x


I think sometimes it really isn't possible to fit everything in. Sounds like a plan you have there though. The festive Santa running posted already sounds fun.


Sometimes we just need some down time. Its a busy time of the year. I like the idea of booking an event, keep us posted.


Managed 3 runs since last Monday and that included parkrun and tonight a first! I ran from work at 5pm because we were going out for a Xmas do! I put my running togs on, ran for 5k, came back - and people saw me in my kit and DID NOT point and laugh. Had a shower and went out for a meal. Wow, it Is possible.


why would they laugh. Of course its possible. I bet they thought "wow didn't realise she was so sporty."


I've been ill since I came back from New York. So glad I did a couple of runs there because I've only done one since i came back. However I have managed one part of my quest which was to run fro 40 minutes. The second part was to run 5k in under 34 minutes - i am still 15 seconds off that and don't think I will make it by the end of the week because I am still ill :(

Not done a park run either, may try for the one on the 21nd with 'Legion' but might have grannie duties which will definitely be my priority :)

Have just joined Nerdio (see post this morning) on a challenge to run at 9am on Boxing Day. Hopefully you can join us?


You've done really well though. Good luck with the Boxing day run. I'm just going to look for the post now.


Thanks, you going to join us ?


Can't think of anything that should stop me. Boxing day is a down day with us after a crazy Christmas day visiting aged (both in their 90s) mums. What could be better than a feel good run. See you there.


Agree, you've done really well - once you're feeling better you will nail that 15 seconds.


Thanks for the kind words. Am feeling sorry for myself but will def be back out there as soon as I feel well enough and will be aiming to go under that 34 minutes!


Sorry you are poorly but very pleased you ran in NY! Central Park? You get well and tell us how you go. Going to look for nerdio now....


Thanks deb54. I ran twice in New York, along the east river path going under the Williamsburg bridge and towards Brooklyn Bridge. I really enjoyed it and Davie took a wee video on his camera of me running, which means I have something to remind me and be proud of :). Starting to feel better this morning...


sorry to hear your ill. Take care of yourself and don't push it. there's always the next one.


Feeling better today - so glad. Will try a gentle wee run in the morning. See how it goes.


I'm doing okay - still the odd blip here and there, but I managed to run for 30 minutes this morning for the first time since... August? July, even? I will have another run on Thursday, and then Saturday's run will by my 150th since starting c25k and I will aim for 30 minutes - if that goes well, who knows, I might even go for the 5k!

Or, sensibly, I could aim for 30 minutes for the end of this quest (which is still more than I thought I might manage) and 'save' the 5k challenge for the next quest :D


Good to read you're getting on well Annie :-)




Sounds like things are coming together for you. that's great. Which ever suits you, there is always another quest, better to come to the end of the year with a positive feeling then you can start next year knowing your not far off the first quest for 2014.


Thank you - I think you are right. I'll aim for 30 minutes again this weekend, and then my next quest can be the 5k milestone, if that's the right word :D


Another tick for me as I ran parkrun again this week - something I would not have been motivated to do had I not signed up for this quest. Was really glad I did it as unbeknown to me someone filmed all of it, including everyone running to the finish line! I remember someone on here once writing that they really felt like a runner once other people saw them out running - now I have actual Youtube footage, it must be true! ;-)


Wow - video? That's fab!


I had a lump in the throat watching all 200 of us, from super fit young athletic types, to the less so ;-) , little kids, older folk, all giving it our best shot up to the finish line. it summed up everything I love about Parkruns - all this for free.

Handy for DIY gait analysis too!


I am glad the quest is working for you. Sounds like your becoming a running star. well done.


Thanks rfc, this quest came just at the right time for me as I was just getting back to 5k from injury and was struggling. My times/distance are still no where near what they once were but having the aim to push myself off to parkrun every Saturday has been a huge motivator.


Have achieved my HM goal already so haven't posted since but thought I'd chip in with an update.

Made the HM mark mid November and just looking back I ran over 105k during that month which seems good.

Last week was interval training on Tuesday then 8 miles on Friday and 4 on Sunday and at the time I thought I hadn't run much but looking back it was around 14.5 miles in total so not too bad at all.

Maybe there's a lesson there.

Including some cross-training this week and looking forward to an early run tomorrow.

Oh, and having graduated in July I've finally completed my first run without Laura.

I usually tag on my own playlist to the Stamina podcast for longer runs but ran without on Sunday.

The end of an era.... possibly ;)


well done on your quest. it sounds like your really finding your running feet. I hope you don't miss Laura too much.


Busy work week for me this last week combined with an eyelid issue which meant I couldn't wear my contacts (and I'm too blind to run without my glasses!)..meant just the one run last week and only two this week so far. Went back to wk7 podcast lastnight and struggled to complete the whole 25mins without mini walking breathing breaks. To be fair to myself it was cold so that probably didn't help! Hoping to get to Parkrun on Saturday and complete the course running - a tall order based on last night's run but something to aim towards!! :)


Sounds like your doing well. This weather is a bit difficult I think, it takes a lot to get out there and cope with the differences in cold weather. Good luck for Saturday.


I like the idea of a shorter Quest over the holiday period with a fresh start in the new year. Thanks rfc.

I only ran twice last week and managed 64% of my 10 mile target. For some reason, I couldn't sleep on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and only got about four hours sleep. Not good when you have to be up for work before 5am. :-( Consequently, I didn't run as much as I would have liked, although I did go for a run at a National Trust property on Sunday, which was a lovely place to run, if rather hard work! :-)

I've now signed up for Jantastic and created a team for 'NHS Couch to 5K'. It would be great to get as many of us as possible signed up to the team, both as a good way to keep our motivation up in the new year, and as a way to promote this wonderful NHS programme to the wider public. It occurred to me that this would also tie in brilliantly with the Quests here (in fact, it's also due to start on 6th January). I've set up a post for Jantastic here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

I'm wondering if anyone else is planning to go for a run on Christmas Day? I can't think of a better gift to myself than a short respite from the hectic whirlwind of Christmas! So that's my number one goal for the next Quest.


Its so difficult to run on lack of sleep. Good for you for keeping going. I had seen the jantastic as well, I was going to have a look at it so thanks for the link. I will mention it on the Monday quest announcement for people to look at. Also I don't know wether you have seen it nerdio is organising a Boxing Day run. I will post a link later today on the final Xmas quest post.


Although I plan to run on Christmas Day and hope to go for a walk with the family on Boxing Day, I may not be able to resist joining the Boxing Day run too. ;-)

Good luck to everyone doing Parkrun tomorrow. I look forward to hearing all about it. I wish I could still join you (I'm crossing my fingers that there'll be no work in tomorrow and I'll get sent home, in time to get to a Parkrun - I'm going to get my gear together tonight just in case!!). :-D


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