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Waaaaahaaaaaay I've finished week 1!!!!!!

Can't believe it. I went out earlier tonight and with icy wind and snow blowing in my face I finished my 3rd run of week 1. As I went by lit up windows I saw folks cooking and relaxing but didn't feel envious cos I'd be doing the same later, and I'd feel quite virtuous after doing my walk/jog. Got home looking a bit like a soggy snowman with bright red cheeks then after shower, dinner and a glass of wine I'm catching up with coronation st and find I've gone stiff all over when I try to move.

Going shopping tomorrow for some proper running trousers as the ones I'm using are baggy joggers I've worn when slobbing about the house and aren't fit for running in daylight. I think I've been bitten by the c25k bug!!!

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Well done isabella123 , keep up the good work.


Well done. That virtuous glow is addictive. Did you stretch after your run or shower? You don't have to spend ages doing it but giving your leg muscles a stretch out helps relieve the stiffness.


Good for you, very well done and happy running!


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