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Newbie just finished week 1


Hi everyone.

I'm new to running, and new to posting things like this too. I've been going through a really hard time; desperately been seeking ways to feel better and less isolated. So here I am. Just completed my first week, feeling quite emotional and also a bit silly! In a good way.


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Hi. Sorry to hear that.

It's very supportive on here.

Hope you enjoy the running & it helps you focus.

Chords in reply to SnailRunner71

Thank you.

Yeh I'm feeling great about the whole thing, it's good to be here.


Well done and keep up the good work.


Congratulations! In starting running and joining this forum, you have made two of the best decisions you ever could to improve your life.

Well done on getting through week one, and keep posting! We are all running every step with you.



You’ve only got 63k people here running with you... and we are very supportive, and we love that you’ve chosen to share your journey with us. You’re never alone... so hopefully you’ll feel less isolated. Post here every run, we can celebrate with you when it’s great and we can hug you when it’s not so good. We got you.

Running is great for mental health as well as physical... it burns stress and helps with emotional pains and anger.

Silly isn’t letting the emotions out... silly is bottling them up. Everybody here has either had an emotional run or will have one. You’re just like the rest of us.

Great job on week one... it’s the hardest week... I still fear ever having to do that first run again! This is keeping me good and not doing anything that increases injury risk.

This programme will change your fitness and physical health, that’s why we come here, but it will change you in so many more ways. Enjoy your journey.

Congrats! I am planning on finishing my week 1 today also. It feels great doesn’t it?!


You’re right to be chuffed! Well done! I’m only very early in my journey too but this forum is fabulous. Keep on keeping on xx


Welcome. It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Youll get so much support on here.And the programme will give yo so much physical and mental fitness. Happy running


Welcome to the most supportive forum on the interest and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.


Hey Chords, this is a lovely forum, full of kind & supportive people!

Well done on completing week 1 🙌

Keep posting so we can keep up to date with your running journey, I’m sure you’ll be amazing! 🤩🙌


Welcome. I'm sure u will be amazed at what u can do, and how good the benefits are both mentally and physically. Good luck

Hi Chords, I'm new too. Wk1r3 tomorrow. Its interesting hearing people say that wk1 is the hardest, hope that's true!

Well done for taking the first steps of an amazing journey! This will definitely make you feel better 🙂


You’re going to love the running and it makes you feel great !

I told myself even if I never got past running in 5 minutes intervals I was still way ahead of doing nothing and now I’m ready to start week 9 !!

You can do it !!


You can only go forward, not back so it’s great to hear you taking positive steps forward. And those steps will get faster and longer

Guaranteed this forum will put a smile on your face. More support than a tubigrip and some great perspectives. I'm sure you'll smash it.


Hi Chords, I’m new to running and posting too! When I’ve got doubts about going out (I’m only on Week 2) it is SO helpful to read all the supportive comments and completely gets me going again when I don’t feel I’ve got it in me. We’re in this together!


A huge well done on starting the programme and even more for completing week 1. Keep letting us know how you are progressing. Those loud cheers you hear will be from all of us.


Go chords you got this 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

It's tough but so worthwhile so stick with it. Mentally the best thing I have ever done

Pace your self, go slow then slow it down, make sure you take rest days and do it for you


Well done on taking that first step- keep it up 🏃🏼‍♀️

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