My progress and positive mood to boot!

Went for my Week 2 pt. 2 run today. Didn't stop at the 25 minute threshold as I felt like I could go on, managed to run to 40 mins using the same 90 second run, 120 second walk. I could have gone further but felt a tightness in my knee so I came to a halt and felt really proud of myself considering the fact that my legs started to ache a tad withing the first 90 second run segment. I have made my own playlist and altered it to suit my mood at different parts of the run, it's really helping me as I just want to soldier on when the heavy drop comes in a dubstep/drum and bass tune. I am just concerned at how my legs are aching so early into my run! Bare in mind it is only week 2 and that I'm using a treadmill. I hope this blog post can inspire other runners at the same point in the program as me.

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  • Glad you're enjoying the programme and feeling so positive about things. Just a word of caution though, C25K is designed to build you up gradually - take care not to push your body too far, too soon as you may risk a longer term injury.

  • Yeah I pushed it today but was careful to stop as soon as I felt the tightening in my knee, I swam a couple of lengths after to relieve and rest it a bit.

  • Phew, that is amazing, I don't remember ever feeling I wanted to carry on doing intervals at that stage of the programme (or indeed any stage lol!).

  • I am just so self-conscious of the way I have looked for years, so by running a bit more every time I feel like that I am defeating a bit of that self-conscience every time..and also the fact that two of my favourite songs came on just as I was meant to finish haha

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