Couch to 5K

A good mood to stretch my legs

Just finished Week 6 run 3 - Laura says that I am now officially a runner! Yay!! Its funny I used to read the posts of those who were on weeks 6, 7, 8 and 9 with awe, as if they were the juniors and I was in the infants. Now I am one of those people! Amazing! After suffering a nervous breakdown three years ago, I was so weak I could hardly stand for more than half an hour, and now my mood is great and I am running for 25 minutes!! Also my knee is straightening better - my partner said that my walking gait has improved due to the running helping to stretch the tendons and ligaments of my knee. I am so glad that I starting doing C25K, I recommend it to everyone!

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Well done lotti and welcome to the runner club :D (although if you complete week 1 I would say you are a runner)

Glad your health and wellbeing has improved. I feel as if I am a salesman for C25K as I tell all and sundry about it. It is truly a fantastic programme.

Best of luck with that final third


Congratulations Lotti! So glad you are enjoying the benefits of the programme - All the best with the final 3 weeks - not far off graduating now.


Well done on completing the demon week 6 and being declared officially a runner. You've done very well to turn your health around in the way that you have so be proud of that. Good luck with week 7. It still needs to be treated with caution as it's quite challenging with no walk breaks but you'll be fine, I'm sure. With best wishes.


Aw Lottie, well done ! You go girl ! :-) So glad youre enjoying it and having a great time , all the best for week 7 xxx


Im still in the infants (w4r2 coming up) so I am in awe! Well done - its posts like yours that inspire me to think I can do it too.


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