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5x50 Day 45

Today I was so fortunate with the weather. It was very foggy here this morning, but as I had several jobs to attend to at home that was fine as I wasn't missing the sun. I set off on my bike i the dull cloud, but had only gone half a mile when I realised that I'd forgotten my cycle helmet - I'd put my buff on to wear under my helmet - but totally forgot to put on my helmet. I turned around and went home for it, and was just in time to get a phone call from a parcel delivery van driver asking for directions to the house. (Sat Nav takes everyone along another minor road about 500m from our house.) By the time the van driver had been and I was suitably kitted out in my skid-lid, the sun was out.

Today was the geocaching cycle ride along Strathglass, that I'd given up on a week ago due to the extreme cold. This time I was better equipped and with the sun, was warm enough even for the times when I spent over 10 minutes looking for the hidden caches.

With all the faffing about I was out for about 3 hours and the mist had descended again before I got home. I was glad I had my hi-vis cycling jacket with me, so I was a bit more visible to the traffic on the single-track road.

I've added a few photos of the day to my 5x50 Challenge album on Facebook.

Today's distance was 36 km.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about ;-)

5x50 Challenge:


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Oh wow swanscot! Just looked at your amazing pics of your 5x50 challenge, thanks for posting them, they're lovely! Your links were very useful too.

Your bike ride sounds great, I'm thinking of getting a bike myself but I haven't been on one for years.


I'm on the train heading North away from the craziness of London.

I did a decent amount of walking though yesterday, got in 5k around Ealing and Camden and a nice 3 hour dawdle around the British Museum.

I've been awake since 4:20 so I don't know how I'll cope at the gym tonight.


Smashing pics swanscot, loved your wellies! We used to do a lot of mountain biking in our younger days until I had an accident and hurt my back (not cycling). My hubby used to change my tyres on my bike to road tyres in the winter time so that I could still get out and about for a ride, cheaper than buying a road bike.

Wishing you all the best for Sunday your final day. :)


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