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5x50 Day 44

A quick, short 6 km run for me today, following the 5K+ Speed podcast. I felt really wabbit, so didn't push it to run any more and stopped running once I reached the hill on the minor roads leading home, I walked 2.2 km after the run.

I'm now completed 464 km, so think I'll try to do a cycle tomorrow to get a few more kilometres under my belt before the challenge finishes in 6 days. I may as well try to hit 500 kms since I'm so close!

(For those who don't know what I'm talking about, see )

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I've just realised that your pic says 'this is my gym'; that's brilliant!

I can't believe the challenge finishes in 6 days. What a fantastic challenge it has been and I've enjoyed reading your blogs. I am tempted to do something similar myself next year, it must be a good way of keepng on track and motivated.


> I've just realised that your pic says 'this is my gym'; that's brilliant!

Thanks, I saw a photo with that statement and copied it to my own photo. That wood is were I did all my early runs waaay back when I was doing the early weeks of C25K.

The 5x50 Challenge is going to be repeated next year and the organising team asked for suggestions from the participants. One of the more popular suggestions is to hold it earlier in the year, so it may be in the spring/early summer in 2013.


I think you are absolutely b l - - d y wonderful, thats you and all the others that have done this challenge, mad too of course, what an achievement. Now when I do the maths 5 x 50 = 250K you are talking trying to reach 500K thats double. Swanscot thats one hell of a total, I wish you all the best, I have no doubt you will do it cos you have shown true grit and determination all the way through. Thanks for sharing your challenge with us too, what a result, can't wait to see what your final total is, good luck, the count down has began :)


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