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Week 4 - we're off!

Slightly apprehensive to start week 4, especially as my shins were both aching still from Saturday's run. However I used a doubled over elasticated bandage on both shins and this seemed to help - certainly they kept my shins warm! I did like a proper numpty but since I'm on a treadmill in my own home it really doesn't matter. :)

I knocked my running speed down from 5mph to 4.5mph for this entire session as I wanted to focus on just completing it rather than speed. And I'm glad to say I did it. Found it very satisfying to run for a whole 5 minutes and truth be told I didn't feel it was a massive step up from the 3 minutes - which clearly is what is intended and shows the programme works!

Some of the music was very questionable though and it did amuse me. The Eniminem (I guess that's spelt wrong) stylee track was particularly bad!

Looking foward to Wednesday and run 2. Just hope my shins don't start really aching again.

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