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Week 8 run 1 - morning running is my thing

Went out for W8R1 this morning. Decided as it was a 28 minute run that I'd try and run 5k within 28 minutes (did it in 28 min 10 seconds last week so achievable). Was a lot warmer than I expected - had long and short sleeved tops on and gloves but gloves soon came off and wished I could have taken the long sleeved top off :-D

Am definitely enjoying running to my own music more - highlights today included Golden Brown by the Stranglers, Wake up Boo by the Boo Radleys and Love it When you call by the Feeling. Ran part way along a main road near me and when I was coming back enjoyed the fact I was going significantly faster than the cars driving along!

Got down to one minute left and was over 3 miles so really went for it and finished in 27 minutes 44 seconds. Only 5 runs until graduation - am starting to think about doing the York 10k next August as was great fun when I did it in 2010. And think I could try breaking an hour for that one now...

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Wow well done! It seems you've really cracked it with your pace. I did W8R2 today and am nowhere near as fast, but thay'll come I guess. My last song today was Monster by The Automatic. "what's that coming over the hill is it a monster?" no, in my head it's an out of breath, beet root faced girl!


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