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Irish distractions!

I haven't run since last Wednesday :-( I have been in Ireland and although I took all my stuff with me, there's been too much food and alcohol and being entertained. Have had some lovely walks so it's not all bad. I now have the morning to myself before flying back this afternoon so going for a long walk round Limerick in the sunshine. Hopefully I'll get back into my routine quickly when I get back. Not sure whether to go straight into some of the C25K+ podcasts or do a few on my own.

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My DH and I are heading back to Dublin (he is from there). We live in the US now and I just know for a week it's going to be packs of chips, Guinness and hangovers. Who knows maybe I will get in a "wog"


Enjoy Dublin. We lived there for five years and loved it. I really miss it. Enjoyed our first visit back in a year and my first trip to limerick. After more than three hours delay we are now home to thick fog and rain - might have to be a treadmill run in the gym tomorrow.


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