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Ankle Pain

'm new to running and am following the C25K programme. I am now on week 4 although I started at the end of August as I had a chest infection which slowed down my training.

On Wednesday I managed my Week 4 Run 1 fairly ok although my ankles were starting to really hurt by the second 5 minute run and I had to stop part way through for a quick breather before continuing and then limping home although the pain stopped by the time I reached the house and just had calf pain as usual.

Today I took my husband with me for company, managed the 3 min ok, then the 5 min and struggled with calf pain for the 3 min. When it came to the final 5 min I only managed up to half way as I had a really bad pain on the outer side of my left ankle and once again limped home with the pain easing off in about ten minutes leaving me with the usual calf discomfit.

My husband reckons my pace is wrong and I should be taking long strides which would reduce the calf pain? I'm quite slow, he could quite easily walk and keep up! Trouble is I have tiny ankles and am about 4 stone overweight which I should imagine is a contributing factor. I'm not out of breath running and I could manage the runs ok if it wasn't for this pain. It's really making me feel quite down about the whole thing although I'm determined not to let it force me to give up. Any tips for reducing the pain so I can run better and more successfully?

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I too have been suffering from ankle pain. I tried running on Sunday with a bit of pain and had to give up. My ankle has continued to hurt all week and I don't want to run whilst the pain is there in case I cause more damage. Like you I'm determined not to be put off but feel deflated because I can't run at the moment. I'm afraid I can't give you any useful advise other than not to run on it if painful. Hope it improves soon.


Have you thought about having a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop (like Sweatshop). I only had mine done some time after graduating but wish that I did it earlier. It could be that you need more support from your trainers. They video you while running on a treadmill and can then analyse where the problem might be. If you are serious about longterm running its worth investing in your comfort to keep you injury free. Good luck. x


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