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Onwards and upwards

Quite literally upwards in some places.

I went running outside this morning, the first outside run since last Thursday, I've been piddling around on the treadmill this week.

I 'closed the circle' that I ran for the graduation week runs. Back then I was heading out along the road, quick nip through the woods and then follow the road up for a loop at the aerodrome before returning the same way. This morning I missed that small loop and carried on, out the far gate, hung a left, past the pub and down the road before a quick trip through different woods and home.

It was very pleasant but absolutely shattering! Before 'home' was downhill, today I came in at the bottom of the road and the last 1.5Km was up a 'gentle' incline. Yeah, gentle, it is in a car, in fact in a car you'd swear it was flat, but it was a killer this morning. I got to the Glade, can I make Keston? Yes, any chance Waddington? If I get to Waddington it's only a short distance to Shirley which closes the circle. Made it! It was nice to slow down to a walk for the final (steep, even in a car) uphill cool down walk home.

Total distance 5.39K

Time (according to the timer it was 3 minutes something, oops, I accidentally turned it off) about 44 minutes.

So what did I do then? I had a quick shower and then went to the gym with a friend for our regular Thursday slot. I think I'm going to vegetate for the rest of the day!

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