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What to wear in the cold ?

I recently graduated the 5 k program and following the honeymoon need to get back into my three times a week. Problem is its suddenly turned very cold. What recommendations do people have as to what to wear in this weather ?

Being a fairly new runner I haven't all the hi-tec gear or base layers etc but I think i may now need more that the t - shirt and joggers I was wearing in the summer. Will a long sleeve cotton top do the job or will that just cause me to over heat ??

Any advice would be gratefully received


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I usually wear a long sleeve running top throughout the year (when it got a bit warm I invested in a very thin running vest).

Now it is getting cooler, I will resume wearing a very lightweight zip up fleece (cheapy from Marks). I take this off once I warm up and tie it round my waist, but I am then v grateful to put it back on when I stop running and walk back to the car.

I wear gloves (ordinary wool) but once I warm up, I tuck them in the back of my bottoms. I also have to cover my ears from the cold but don't like wearing a hat as I get too warm when I run so last Xmas I was given a "buff" which I use like a headband to cover my ears.

I wore ordinary leggings for the first few months of running outdoors and did find my bum and legs got very very cold on the walk at the end :-(

I have just treated myself to slightly thicker full length running tights so hopefully won't suffer so much.

I wait until I get home to do my stretches in the warm.


Also using a M & S fleece now as its getting cold and frosty in the mornings and that seems to be enough, though going to invest in running tights for the really cold scottish winter days .


I got some Nike running gloves from Sports Direct. This week I ran in long running tights with running t-shirt and jacket and gloves. Within 1k got rid of the jacket but found the gloves so comfy as I usually have cold hands. Don't think I'll ever run with a hat as I tend to get too hot with them.


Thanks guys. Think i will get myself down to m&S and get a fleece.


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