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week 4 run 1 - interesting!

well when I heard Laura tell me how long I would be running today it was a bit daunting, but it was actually ok.

Really helped when Laura said that if I'd followed the programme so far that it would be ok, that did give me confidence and she was right, even if I was cursing her for a while!

Little tip, for the first run of the week, if you're on the treadmill then turn speed down just 0.2 kph, still a running speed but breaks me in gently and the following run back up to normal speed, works for me

Can't wait for Monday for the next run

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Well done you! I found W4 tough, all that jog/walk/jog - doing it a wee bit slower the first time is obviously a really good idea, this whole programme is all about pacing yourself. Once you get W4 behind you, W5 is actually less strenuous physically (or I found that anyway :-/ ) - W5R3 is all about the mental challenge, take it nice and easy and you'll 'walk' it :D


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