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W3 R3 completed. Even had some hills in there too! And it was ok. I quite enjoyed it. Decided to drive to a lovely coastal area and run along there - I find it's not only good for my health but good for my soul too.

I came back much more relaxed.

Thinking about tonight's run is definitely not relaxing me though. Week 4 Run 1...and a step up to 5 minutes. Eeeek! I'll make sure I'm not on a hill when that starts!

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I found week 4 the worst. The first run was a disaster. But I got through it and so will you. Week 5 was a doddle by comparison!


I have just finished week three as well, so week four starts on Friday...! Trying not to think about it too much, but good luck to us both! :-)


Coastal run sounds lovely. I think it definitely helps to be out in the fresh air...I took myself off to our local Country Park yesterday, was fab.

I completed the first week 3 run yesterday; all day I was thinking how I'd be able to manage 3 minutes...but I did! And am sure you will manage 5 minutes too, it just sounds a bit daunting doesn't it? (Good idea though on not going uphill!) ...Enjoy and hope it goes well.


Just keep running, you can do this! :-) Each week is a challenge but the program is designed for it to be doable. One foot in front of the other... :-)


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