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Still working on the stamina, counting these beats!

Felt brave today so tried the stamina podcasts. It felt intially I was running at the spead of 150bpm already, but although when I was counting the 1, 2, 3, 4. it never seemed I was speading up until the last 5 minutes.

I think I need to get my head around this one as I find it hard to count the steps, felt I was doing 5 steps to Laura's 4.

So will give it a go next week. It was nice to have new music too.

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Snap - I tried the stamina podcast today - really liked the first running tune - 150 bpms and managed to lengthen my stride out for some of it!!! But started to ignore the tempo as I hit rough ground.

Totally agree about the music though - so much more pleasant to listen to than the C25K tunes!!!

Good luck with it though, I think it is about lengthening your stride (but I am no expert)


After doing the speed podcast yesterday I listened to what will be demanded of me on the stamina and stepping stones. They both scare me at the minute. They both seem awfully long and fast. I'll have another few goes of the speed before I attempt these I think. Well done for finishing it, and faster than Laura wanted you to as well.


I tried Stepping Stones yesterday and managed all the 150bpm, about 2/3rds of the 155bpm and only about 90 seconds of the 160bpm. I didn't feel much like a runner :-( . Tomorrow I'll try Speed


Well stamina run must have worked folks as I managed a 7.8km run today as part of the work up to 10k. And do you know something?? It felt good.


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