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5x50 Day 30

I did the C25K+ Speed podcast this morning for my intervals training and ran 5.2 km in 33 minutes. More or less. The GPS on my iphone went crazy when I was running through the village and shows me running off the road, running across the roof of the village hall, a couple of houses and the old sawmill, but what is now a new housing scheme! Parkour anyone?

I did 9 x 60 second intervals at 165 bpm (having created my own extended version of the Speed podcast). I would have done one more, but had to save some energy for the short steep hill, followed by the long, gentle incline back to the house.

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Cor blimey swanscot you were flying ;)


Just getting in a wee spot of practice on my broomstick ready for Halloween. ;-)


I seem to have mislaid my running mojo! Still keeping up the 5x50 but mainly on the bike or walking. Did 15k on gym bike today. Hoping if/when heel gets better will manage a run again but to be honest I don't think that's the problem at the moment. I can't run in the wind and the treadmill bores me. Got 2nd lot of lithotripsy next week.


I've walked about 6k today an I am totally dead on my feet. I have zero energy today.

I feel like its bedtime already.


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