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W7r2 my first run in freezing rain. Brrrrrr

Don't think my muscles warmed up till I hit the showers. Was tough but pleased I never quit.

What do you guys wear in cold and rain? I run in compression shorts and tights which work for the legs but don't know about on top. Today used my usual wick away tshirt and cotton long sleeved top but also a 3sizes too big gortex jacket from when I was plus 20kg. Kept me dry but not sure it helps the running. Any waterproof top suggestions.

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I ran run 1 on yesterday of week 7-pouring with rain. Wore usual culottes and T shirt with waterproof anorak over the top. At least I had a pocket for my water bottle. I ran really well in them. Plan to wear the same tomorrow if it is raining.


am thinking of investing in a cycling jacket - many people seem to be using them and happy. This week I am running every day, sticking with the 25 minute run and so far it seems ok. I'm off to New York at the weekend and am building up to run a 5k in Central Park, hence the super training this week. Hope I am not overdoing it - been to NYC dozens of times and always dreamt of being able to run in Central Park. Can't quite believe I am so close to achieving another dream on my journey to great fitness at my age.


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