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Another mile stone. 15km in the Lake District!

Well have had a lovely weekend staying at Keswick.

15 km of mountain biking on saturday and a 15km run around Buttermere and Crummock Water today!

See the route here

Whats so great about this is that I only started c25k 3 months ago and my previous longest run was 7.5km.

It was very wet and boggy in places and very rocky in others but it was a great introduction to proper trail running.

Although I just struggled to walk up the stairs and climb into bed where I am now!

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I am envious. I was walking round there (and over Red Pike / High Style) a couple of weeks ago and was eying that path for a run on my next trip. There is a lovely little beach on the end of Crummock Water.


That sounds great, Mark! Like Greg, I'm very envious, the Lake District is such a beautiful part of the country and it sounds like you've had a great weekend. A big well done on your achievement after only starting the programme 3 months ago!


What a truly fantastic achievement and I bet the scenery was amazing!


OMG, that is amazing, well done. Not surprised those legs were a little stiff after! What an achievement in the space of a few months.

That's such a beautiful part of the country, I struggled for breath just walking last time I was around there (was still a smoker at the time), food for thought when I've made a bit more progress (one day!)


A brilliant run - well done. I love the idea of running around a lake/loch - it will be a lovely type of trail running. I have one or two routes lined up here. I really wish I'd started running last summer (or the previous 3) when I worked at Glenmore near Loch Morlich, An early morning run around the loch would have been a brilliant start to the day - although that is a only half the length of your run.


Wow! That sounds amazing!


Thanks for the words of encouragement!

The first half up from Buttermere and around the side of Crummock Water was unlike anything else I had run across before. My previous idea of trail running was along forest tracks and paths with tree roots being the most difficult obstacle. The surface was very rocky and uneven with lots of spiky uneven bits and there was water everywhere. It was either that or running slowly through a bog hoping my shoes wouldn't disappear! A very interesting introduction to trail running! It took me somewhat longer than the one and a half hours I thought it would!


did you "Garmin" your route?


I don't have a gps although im thinking of treating myself to the new forerunner for christmas.

I plotted my route on gb mapometer. You can see it here

I adapted it from a slightly longer route of the buttermere trail run on the highterrainevents website

You can download a pdf here if interested


Wow that is a wonderful feat, sounds like a beautiful run! Dead impressed with that mileage and stamina.


Thanks Deryn I'm feel my running is really going from strength to strength.

It was a very beautiful run on a sunny perfect cloudless day in the lakes!


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