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Foot injury update

Well it's getting better and I can now walk without a problem or pain. I'm going to try and run tomorrow after work and if there's even a hint of pain I will stop. But I need to go running! I've had a completely crap weekend as a result of this and some other stuff going on. Strangely I don't actually *want* to run which worries me and makes me think I have too much bad stuff going on at the moment. Most importantly though, I know that I need to run if only to cheer myself up for 30 minutes or so and get my mind back on the ball. But I'm scared that I have another bad run and the negativity of failure will make me just want to give up. Ugh, just not in a good place right now. Why does all the bad stuff come at once?

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Oh my, my heart goes out to you Fraz!! I am very happy that the pain has left you for the time being and that it continues to stay away!!

I wish that I had some amazing advice that would just take care of the injury and the other negativity!! I don't have that, but what I do have is an amazing confidence in you!! I am very hopeful that all of this bad stuff is just setting you up so that when you conquer your next run it will be that much more brilliant!!

Keep your head up...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!



Good luck Fraz I hope you can get a pain free run in tomorrow.


Glad you are on the mend, but take it slow and listen to your body.

Regarding other things that are going on in your life, think, have you ever returned from a run feeling worse than before you left? Probably not (ok, except maybe when you got injured!). Providing your are physically well enough, it may help you deal with other things going on? Don't let things put you off running, you have come so far on this journey.


Life seems to always come with a certain amount of trials. I hope things get better and you end up in a better place mentally. Wishing you a pain free run! Please, at the first hint of pain, stop and rest a day or are so close Fraz! I want to see you continue!!!! Hugs to you my running friend! :-)


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