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Week 5, Run 3 - I've run for 20 minutes

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I set my alarm for 7am again this morning to complete my final (and the dreaded) run of week 5. After a few technical difficulties with my iPhone, which resulted in re-downloading the podcast, I set off on my warm up walk a little later than planned.

During the first 5 minute of running, my legs felt like lead and would much rather have been tucked up in bed but I pushed on and before I knew it Laura was telling I'd run for 10 minutes :-)

I'm sure Laura's sense of timing is not the same as mine because the last 5 minutes felt like a lifetime. When she finally cut in and told me I had just ran for 20 minutes, I almost felt like crying I was that happy. I met a couple of gremlins on my run today which I quickly kicked to one side and carried on regardless. It's definitely a case of mind over matter !

I've mapped my run and with warm up and cool down I covered 4.06 km :-) It's a few hours since I did my run and my legs can really feel it now. During my previous run my old trainers caused me a few issues on the arches of my feet, so I tried my new trainers and they were so much more comfortable, I wished I'd started using them sooner.

Lastly, I weighed in again yesterday and lost another 1lbs, which means I've lost 10 lbs in the last 5 weeks. :-)

I've got 2 rest days now before starting week 6 on Tuesday. I can't believe how far I'm already come and looking forward to getting better everyday :-)

9 Replies

Well done Clare! After this run I felt I had really turned the corner with this programme. Not saying it gets easier, but is a fantastic feeling to know that you can do 20 mins! Well done again.


Well done week 5 run 3 is such a milestone, enjoy the smiling today :-)


Well done Clare - I'm just a couple of runs behind you (did Wk5 R1 this morning). Anyone who gets through that 20 mins is an inspiration to me at the moment. Now I just wish I could match your weight loss :-( Good luck with week 6!


:-) :-) :-) WELCOME TO WEEK 6!!!!! Great 20 minute run Clare! :-)


Thanks guys, I still can't believe I did it :-)


Well done Clare! Its such a great feeling when you run that first 20mins non stop; I was there last weekend! Just finished W6 with a bit of a stumble but not letting that stop me moving on to W7. Good luck for your next run!


Good for you Clare! Twenty minutes of running, what an accomplishment - you are well on your way now. I am glad that you didn't let the gremlins get the better of you! Good luck with Week 6, you can do it!


Well done Clare :-)

I did Week 5 Run 3 today and it felt amazing - I can't really believe that I did it! I recognise the almost crying with happiness feeling.

Thank you Laura!


Well done clare

I finished run 3 of week 5 tonight on the treadmill and despite my left calve aching didnt stop. Glad I didnt look in the gym mirror as I probably looked ridiculous!

I like the fact laura tells you when you are halfway through then fifteen minutes in then says slow down to a walk. I concentrated on the tvs in the gym and even though i couldnt hear what was going on it distracted me.


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