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New to the C25K and running in general

So I have decided to get off my bum and undertake the C25K. I've been pretty sedentary for the last 8 years and had put on a bit of weight. I decided to lose the weight in February so started watching what I was eating but not really doing any exercise. Anyway I've lost 17lbs and now feel much better, weighing in at 165lbs now. So with this in mind it's time to shake things up and get a bit fitter as well.

I've only just completed my second run and it went great, I think the structure of the program is really going to help me. I genuinely can't wait for my rest day to be over so I can do the next run. I really didn't imagine feeling like this when I first decided to go out.

So here's looking forward to getting on with the program, and I'll keep you posted on how it's going, I'm sure it's going to get harder :-)

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Hi Dave, it does get harder, but it gets better too so you are in for a great time. You'll be a graduate before you know it and wondering why your wardrobe is 90% lycra.


The hardest part is starting! So well done you. it'll be great!


Welcome to the family Dave and the addiction of running and this blog! We have all been bitten by it but wouldnt be without it! Good luck on your next run!


Hi Dave, well you've done the hardest bit :o)

I am middle aged, overweight and so completely unfit that I had to repeat W1!!!

However, I am now in W7 and feeling so proud of myself for having got this far and REALLY enjoying the running - well most of the time anyway :o)

Good luck with your progress and keep us all updated.


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