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Back from an awful failure

Some months ago I wrote asking advise regarding my fight between long working hours that left me with no strengh to do my run. I graduate in July with a sense of great achivement, but the job I toke on was very demanding and my training for the marathon was suffering.

I thanks all the people who supported me. I tried to cut off the working hrs but it is not easy when clients calls for support !

It was a 3 months renewable contract but I decided not to renew it as the job was affecting my health. I started suffering from anxiety and waking up in the middle of the night to write down the things I have to do the following day at the office. I was getting grumpy with my partner and dog and none of them deserved it.

Monday was my last day at work, I still waking up in the middle of the night with panic attacks but I know it is matter of time and things will get better.

Tuesday I went back running and found very sad of the fitness I lost in 40 days I did not run.

I wont be ready for the January marathon, that was the dream of my life ( running my first marathon at the age of 45) but maybe I can try the half one.

I guess the most important thing is that I pull out from a situation that could have create big propblem for my health.

Nice to be back in the blog too !


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Well done you for prioritising your health, it really is important to look after yourself. Best of luck training for the half marathon if you decide to go ahead with that, and I hope the anxiety clears up soon as well.


Gosh that sounds like a terrible situation to be in. so glad you managed to get yourself out of it. it sounds like you did the right thing. you might find that your fitness picks up a lot quicker than you were expecting. just keep going, you will get to your marathon eventually. I know you will!


Oh and I forgot to say. We don't allow the word 'F*il*re' in this place. There's no such thing. You are getting out there. You are a success. Don't you forget it!

Love from

The 'F' Word Police.


Hi Pelephant.

Thanks for the nice words... i need them !



Now thats what I call taking your life back with a great strength and determination, your fitness will soon follow too. Now a new start to your training can begin, your H/M is still in your reach, so go at it steadily and don't do too much too soon. I wish you all the best, and remember no job is worth losing your good health to. :)


Well done, Sonia, you've really taken control of your life and, let's face it, life is too short to be suffering all that anxiety and worry. I'm sure your fitness will soon return - you'll be kicking up your heels after getting rid of all that worry you've been carrying around!


Well done Sonia. The marathon isn't out of reach, especially for someone with the strength to make the difficult decision you've had to make. Good luck :-)


dont feel negative you have done fantastically well and you WIll build your fitness back up

dont rule out anything yet, take your time and enjoy getting back into the running - see where things take you x


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