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Better late than never, finally my first post graduate blog :o)

Well this has been a bit longer getting here than i'd planned. I graduated at the beginning of September but due to holidays and a string of unforeseen events running just hasn't made it to the top of my list very often since. As a result i've only run 3 tines since i graduated. My first post grad run was ok. I was nervous having not run for 2 weeks but i got through the 30 minutes albeit slower than before. I felt like a bit of a fraud posting a post grad blog having been so naughty so i decided to wait till my 2nd run to show off my shiny new badge.

My second attempt was a disaster !!! I managed 15 minutes before i lost my stride going through a gate and i just could not get back into a rhythm. I can't explain it my legs had felt ok my breathing was ok so i don't know what happened but it was my first fail so needless to say I mooched off home feeling very disappointed and more than a little disheartened :o(

So last night after having spoken to a friend who is a 'real' runner i swallowed my pride and went out to try a different route. I'd planned a road route a while ago ready for the dark nights but never tried it out. Its much hillier than i've run before so i fully expected to fail again. For what ever reason i had a great run !!! I managed the full 5k in just over 30 minutes which is as quick as i wad running when i graduated :o)

I can't explain it, it makes no sense. I guess the moral of the story is that it doesnt matter whether your just starting out or already graduated everyone has bad runs from time to time. Theres not always a reason for it, it just happens and one bad run isn't the end of the world as has no bearing on how your next run will be. Also time away from running doesn't mean all progress is lost so if you can't run for a while don't worry just fo what you can and when you do go back out yes it may be a bit harder than you remember but you've done it once so you'll get there again before you know it.

As for me i'm glad to be back on track and enjoying my running again so i now feel i can finally show off my shiny new badge YEY ME !!! :o). Going to do my best to keep up through the cold & dark this winter and wish everyone all the best with their C25K journeys

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Well done, but what's this 'real' runner business? You are a real runner, Laura has told you that twice, and you don't want her having to tell you a third time...


So happy you are back to continue your running journey!!!! :-)


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