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Off Topic: Save our NHS

Given the wonderful resource that we're all enjoying (and sharing experiences) through the NHS I thought I'd share a link to 38 Degrees campaign that is trying to prevent the privatisation of many NHS services, on our behalf. If you are interested, please take a look and spend a couple of minutes signing the petition.

I hope nobody minds me posting this, I appreciate it's off topic, but I thought it would be of interest to some of you.

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Hi there, I don't mind at all - as you point out, the only reason we are all here is because the NHS has provided this forum for us all.

I have signed the petition and added the link to my Facebook page :o)


great :-)


Thanks for mentioning this - a topic close to my heart as I work for the NHS and have benefited from it greatly following a very serious illness (noit to mention the wonderful C25K)

I have been spreading the word for a while now, at work and on Facebook, all petitions signed.

Hope as many people as possible can also come on the March London, Glasgow and Belfast on 20th October - search for 'March for a future that works'


it isn't perfect, but we still have some of the best health provision in the world and we treat all people equally, regardless of financial status. I think people sometimes forget that we are very lucky in the UK. I'll google the march, thanks


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