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Good run, mud, dog and all!

Moment of madness relived again today. Lots of rain and mud, running with the black labrador and I reached 7.88km, so pleased with that.

Speed is slow, but its distance am after just now and time goes quickly, despite the essential dog requirement pit stops too.!!

Now decided to try for one long run per week so see how things go.

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Good luck Burstcouch, you'll soon be at the 10K mark. I usually take an extra rest day after a long run and it seems to have paid off, no real injury problems so far, - - touch wood ;) Have had a hip niggle for a week so its prevented me doing another one but have been working away on my hills for the past month. Love em or hate em you just can't ignor them for ever.

All the best.


Congrats on the distance! That's fantastic :D

How does your lab like running? I have a black lab too and by the end of my run today I think he was beat; as soon as we got home he laid on his bed with his head on his paws looking at me reproachfully. Lol!!


Iaj, this black lab is just 2 on Thursday and he is like a hyperactive teenager. Despite the run, he came lay down for 30 mins and then was wanting to play, however this afternoon , he appeared a bit stiff, so I may not do that distance with him again. Just 5k may be enough.

Oldgirl taking your advice and not running again till friday but long walk with the dog tomorrow, hills included. Not in my runs yet!!


Well done Burstcouch! Sounds like you are back in the saddle after your injury!


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