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I deviated today with surprising results

I am up to week 4 of c25k and I am entered into a 10k run in Feb 2013 along with a couple of other people, neither of whom live anywhere near me!

they have been training on treadmills so had some idea of how fast and how long they can run, but as I doing this outdoors, all I could do was map the over all distance and work out average speed including the walking bits. Out of interest I decided to not do W4r2 instead I did the warm up and then set off running to see how far I could get, without stopping using my usual route. I managed to do the whole route!!!! yeassss . It was only a 20 min run and it added up to 2.6 k so I am too slow for a 5k in 30 mins yet( once I can get that far of course) but still I am pleased with myself as it does look like I can do this. I will be going back to week 4 though at least I wont be dreading the w5r3 now!

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Congratulations! Many are not at the 5K mark when they graduate. I am in grad week and not near it. You are doing awesome and congrats in signing up for a 5K as using it as a goal. You may actually have an advantage, from what I'm reading, outdoor running can be a bit more challenging then treadmill running. Personally, we run outdoors and I know each run we have some sort of challenge. Heat, wind, hills etc.


I have included picking up dog poo (in early runs, I leave the dog at home now), pot holes, dodging milk lorries (there is a milk farm on my route) as well as all the British weather has to offer lol


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