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Week 7 and positive attitude returned, thanks to the amazing support on here

What a change around from week 6! Some of you may recall that I was in a bit of a low place last week, finding week 6 tough, having technically successful runs but not getting the same sort of satisfaction as in previous weeks: (

It seems that my mojo returned for week 7!! Maybe it was the stern talk I gave myself, maybe it was getting back to my normal routine (I am learning in this programme that I am a creature of habit and don’t like it when my running pattern is disturbed), but more likely it was all the inspiration and support I got on here, knowing others have been through similar moments of doubt, or dare I say it, boredom with the programme! I would like to thank everyone on here for all their positivity, understanding and support. It really does make a huge difference and has helped me come through a low patch and find enjoyment in this programme again.

I was also whingeing last week about not being able to lose weight, and guess what? Finally I can report some movement on the scales in a positive direction, yay! Go me! I’m on my way now!

So, week 7. I know I can do 25 minutes so I needed to think of different ways to keep my interest, so the longer runs don’t seem so monotonous. As Laura says, at this point it is about a mental readjustment. So I varied the route for run 1, and then for run 2 and 3 I decided to work on my speed. I know I can get through the long runs now, so the new challenge for me is to try to complete 5k on graduation (I know that the aim of the programme is to run for 30 mins primarily, but I really want to have the 5k under my belt upon graduation whether it takes me 30, 40 or 50 minutes).

So I have been geeking up on my stats! I have always logged my runs on Mapmyrun, but hubby suggested I load them onto Excel and we study them looking for trends, draw funky graphs etc. OK these are no flashy Garmin stats, but it has really helped me realise how far I am coming and has make me want to push myself more. So happily, I can report that for w7r3, my stats were:

4.42km covered (including warm up walk, 25 mins running, but turned off for cool down walk),

ave pace: 7:05 mins per km,

max pace: 3:16 mins per km.

This is huge progress when my average pace in week 6 was over 9 mins per km. My word, my body felt it though! Roll on week 8!

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Wow that is fantastic, have just finished wk 6 run 3 and found it hard going but am determined to carry on, reading your blog makes me more determined. Keep going


hi rolphie, yes week 6 certainly is a toughie. Good luck for week 7!


Great news on every front Roller, I'm really pleased for you. One thing that you mentioned that I think is very important is routine. I too have been looking at my stats this morning which, for starters are not as good as yours, but more interestingly I've not had a bad run in the morning, all of my less impressive runs have been when I haven't run at my preferred time.


Thanks! I saw some interesting trends with the stats too. My r3 of each week is always the best. Also as these usually occur at the weekend (usually late morning), this is challenging my belief that I prefer running in the evening after work. It seems my head and my legs differ on this!


Look at you! :-) you are doing awesome! Welcome to week 8!!!! :-)


Yay!! thank you! so glad to be at week 8. Time is flying!


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