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26 runs down, 1 to go!

Forgot to post on Thur but I went out after school on the country roads round school and did my first 30 min run! I don't really like running near school but as it gets darker it is the only way to get a run in. Lots of cars went past me and I know some of my colleagues saw me as they told me on Fri. Which probably means there were also some students that saw me and laughed at 'Miss' running!

Anyway, just been out down the canal - my normal running route - and done my second run of week 9.

So, after school on Monday I will do my graduation run! Can't quite believe it!!!!

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CONGRATULATIONS SOON TO BE GRADUATE!!!!!! Let us know how it turns out!


Before I started, for many years in fact, I used to see people running or jogging and I used to think - I wish it was me, even if I didn't say it out loud. At least they were doing something, I was merely vegetating.


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