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Graduation, hills and aching buttocks!


It's taken many more than 9 weeks, but this morning I lined up to do my final week 9, run 3 with approx 100 other runners at Ashton Court Bristol's Park Run.

I knew I'd be one of the slowest, I knew it would take me much longer than 30 mins, and I was aware that the course was supposed to be quite hilly - but I thought I would just go for it, try and keep running, and concentrate only on finishing.

It turns out that the first 2.5km is pretty much all up-hill, which was a massive challenge for me, and I nearly ground to a halt several times on the steeper bits. I was at the back from the word go, but didn't really mind. I would never have finished it I had tried to keep up with the accomplished runners. It was a beautiful sunny morning, and when I finally got to the top of the hills and knew I had made it to half way, I was rewarded with amazing views across Bristol city, my home town.

I took it steady and made it to the end, coming in at 39 mins and last runner home. My 4 year old daughter ran to meet me at the line, so I crossed the finish with a smile on my face, and hope I have set a good example for her.

Have felt really calm for the rest of the day - sure it is the natural chemicals released from exercise, together with relief and a sense of achievement. Bottom aching from all the hills...but apart from that, a good day!

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Well done it's a fantastic achievement. I start week 9 on Monday and there is no way I'd have the guts to run a park run as my graduation run, I haven't got off the treadmill in my own bedroom yet! Congratulations to you :)


Well done you, that is amazing. Congrats on the graduation as well, what a way to graduate at a park run. Brilliant

I graduated last Saturday and want to do a park run next weekend. Be sure to apply for your little green graduation badge, It may take a little time, I'm still waiting for mine haha

Well done you and you should be really proud of yourself



Thanks guys. How do I apply for my little green badge?

AliB1Graduate in reply to Super_rach

Message John (JR21) you'll find him in admin in the directory

Congratulations on graduating and your first park run...there will be no stopping you know!!!! :)

Congratulations! That is a fantastic result. Bet you haven't stopped smiling :-)


Congratulations Super_Rach thats amazing doing a Parkrun for your graduation run and half of it uphill, that was very brave of you, well done. :)


CONGRATULATIONS! It was well worth it to have that 4 year old meet you! Such am amazing achievement and such memories! Looking forward to post grad updates and seeing your new badge!


Congratulations, graduating in style, and a hilly parkrun too - so to me that time is brilliant!

Superb Rach well done, I can imagine the joy of seeing your little one at the end, very, very cool. Well done.


Congratulations on your Parkrun and Graduation run! 2.5k uphill sounds like very hard work so well done on that! Yep, hills make the glutes hurt but also firm them up so that's a bonus isn't it?



Cheers everyone. Appreciate the lovely comments

Well done, that has actually made me cry!! I think as a mother our biggest achievement is making our children proud! X


Congratulations! My eyes were prickling as I thought of your four-year-old running to greet you on the finish line. Hills, hills, hills...go elsewhere, like the seabed perhaps, and sin no more. It is sort of worth it though to stand up there panting and see the view you've paid for in sweat!


Congratulations - amazing to finish with a Parkrun!

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