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Stepping stone - wish me luck - feeling unmotivated

Hi folks

About to step out the door to do my second "stepping stone" run after graduating last week. Feeling decidedly unmotivated today, have eaten too much lunch and think I'm going to get a stitch!

I did my first "stepping stone" run on Thursday after a 3 day rest and felt decidedly creaky. Knees, ankles and hips all said "stop"; muscles said "stop". Brain forced body to go, but it wasn't much fun and body moaned, groaned, creaked, cracked and grizzled all the way. Hence my lack of motivation today. Please tell me it'll be OK! Will my knee be ok? urgh.


Graduate, but lacking faith in self today.

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I found stepping stone hard too. I just love Speed and keep doing it, maybe I should give SS another blast. Good luck ;)


No, no - have faith, you can do this! Just think back to the first week of c25K - did you think you could do that? Perhaps the Stepping Stone is a bit too much, but if so just go and run for fun - 30 minutes, or perhaps longer. I'm not one to talk as I haven't tried any of the new pod casts (although I keep meaning to :) ) but keep going, whatever you do - you are a runner!


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