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5x50 Day 20

I'm quite happy with my run this morning. I managed to run 7.1km in 49 mins. I felt I could have kept going further at this ~7 mins/km pace, except that at the 7k mark the only choice is to struggle up the hill towards my house or to run through the village - running further away from home. Looking at my stats on Runkeeper, I had two sections where my speed dropped: once where I was dancing about trying to avoid the mud and puddles (since I washed my running shoes since the last puddle-running outing) and a part where I always struggle going up a very slight climb, but where there is a short section of soft gravel.

The less than positive is I've returned today with a sore thigh. My right quadricep that has been a wee bit niggly all week didn't feel too good for the last 20 minutes of running. I'll try to rest it today and today will be a short walk.

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All I can say is WOW swanscot! You continue to inspire me!!! I hope the thigh feels better soon!!


Thank you. Unfortunately my other leg has come out in sympathy and I've now got a pain in my upper inner thigh muscles in my left leg, Why now? Just when I'm about to run in a 5K race / Fun Run on Sunday!! I had this pain in week 0, that is before I'd heard about C25K and decided take up running - I set off into the woods one day without a clue about what I should be doing and over-worked both inner thigh muscles..


Technically I have crept over into day 21, did very little, carved out 5 and bit morosely walking the grey, wet and windy streets of Edinburgh.

It's past my bed time now I have to get up early to get back at it.

Sorry about the the thighs, I think cumulative toll of the last 3 weeks is taking effect on us all.

You have racked up a lot of kilometres now.

I think I am up to 223k.


Bit late in my update for yesterday. Did another 5k walking as had family funeral early yesterday and knew I wouldn't have time for much so I walked to it rather than drive or bus it in. (high heels in hand bag!)

Hope your thighs are better today. Am just off to the gym for a cycle. Still too scared to run yet incase Achilles goes.

George I think you are right with the cumulative effect of the last 3 weeks.


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