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Five weeks in and first run in the rain!

So I have the wet-weather gear but where was it? In my drawer keeping dry....!

It had been dry all day and was still looking good when I left the house after work for my W5R2 and then three minutes into the first run I felt the first drop. Any hopes for a light shower were soon dashed as the heavens opened but it was really fun to run in and actually took my mind off the time and so resulted in my best run to date!!

I wasnt sure how I would take to wet-weather running but as long as I dont get cold and keep moving I now know that I wont be letting it deter me. The wind however is another matter......

So a good run and now cant wait for the big W5R3 tomorrow. Am just loving this "cult" I have joined - it seems to be changing all of us out of all recognition!

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Good luck tomorrow, I'll be doing W5R3 on Sunday (hopefully!)


Brilliant, well done Sue. Good luck for R3.. Jx


Welcome to the are hooked! ;-) wishing you a successful R3!!


Running in the rain is a bit of a revalation isn't it, I love it :-)


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