W6R2 complete

I managed the W6R2 much more easily than I had expected last night. And despite the rain all the way home, when I finally got there it was dry. So, no run in the rain yet! Pleased with the times, etc but bad luck with Endomondo and a dropped GPS signal for a chunk of my run. End result? Probably a better speed than before but can't really figure it out till I learn the workaround in the software to recover my missing distance. Pleased to say I did manage my pb km speed though (the website does help). Looking forward (?!!) to W6R3 tomorrow or Sunday, depending on how I rejig the W7 runs to fit in with late meeting and other stuff next week. No more walking, here we come!

3 Replies

  • Nicely done Janda. I think the weeks effect people differently, I was expecting a hard time this week based on the general comments but so far not so bad and it sounds like you're experiencing the same.

  • I think W6R1 was harder than last night's. See how we get on with.the last run of the week. Good luck & thanks for your comments.

  • You will do great with R3, no more walking!!! Just remember to keep the pace nice and steady. Good luck, W7 here you come!!!

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