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Its Raining !!!

Can you believe it...its raining...and its my last run for week 2, oh well will have to go maybe later today. What does everyone use for wet weather running, as I get a bit hot during my run and usually take off my long sleeves to cool down so I cant see how I am going to go if I have some sort of jacket on, will get toooo hot I think ? Was really looking forward to my early morning run but not to be. I am in South Australia, Australia and for the past few days the weather has been up to 25 degrees and today its raining and black skies.

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I currently just wear what I would normally and get wet, one good thing about the run is you don't feel as warm.

I like running in the rain, but might need to buy a light running jacket for the British winter.

One last thing, don't wear cotton, best to wear some kind of running top so that you don't get weighed down by wet clothes.

Enjoy :-)


Good advice, had not thought about that...weighed down by wet clothes....thanks


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