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9 days to 5K

I have a 5K twilight race for life booked for a week on Saturday (today being Thurs) and have been sick for the past week. I did W7R1 today, so there is no way I'm going to have finished the runs in time, but I do think I can run for 30 minutes and I'm going to try my best to lengthen the stride or run a bit faster, as I'd like to do it in a reasonable time. Actually, the only reason I want to do it in a good time is because I don't think I can run for a longer time, so I'm aiming to run 5K in 30 minutes. I think running with a crowd (and my energetic 12 year old daughter, if she doesn't mind slowing down for me) will help to carry me along.

The real objective is to just run 5K in whatever time it takes.

There, I've said it all in public, so now I have to make it happen :-)

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If you comfortable with the running you're doing now at Week 7, I'm sure you'll easily manage to push to 5K at an event. Running with others and the crowd will pull you through. Just don't let your daughter - and your enthusiasm - speed you up too much too soon. The strategy is to be able to run the later kilometres as fast or slightly faster than you do for the first few.


sounds like good advice, thanks, I will remind myself on the day to set off at my own pace. I suspect daughter will disappear quite quickly, she'll want to set her own benchmark to beat next time around


Good luck vixiej! Great job in signing up for the 5K!


Thanks. I thought it would make me complete the course :-) I suspect I would have given up when I was on those 3 minute runs, gasping for breath and wondering how on earth I would run for 5 minutes at a time in the future, let alone 30 :-)


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