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3 minutes seems like eternity

R1 on W3 and for some reason 3 minutes running seems to last an eternity this morning. Why? All went fine and I completed the run. I think some of the music on these podcasts has something to do with it. Some tracks are a little dreary even when trying to be upbeat "..... its a beautiful day............da di da di dah". Perhaps when I can run for longer (30 minutes eventually!!!) I will run to my own music which might help. Anyway, enough of the beating on. It was a beautiful morning here in Shropshire and I'm so happy after shuffling around the nearby roads that even the burning in my thighs won't get me down. SBx

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Good for you for getting it done even if it seemed hard!!


Well done sexybexy!!! Once you get to the longer runs, maybe you can create your own playlist. I think Laura is getting pretty use to getting dumped. ;-) Welcome to week 3 and YES! The 3 minutes do seem like an eternity! But keep running and you will be amazed to do 30 full minutes!


Well done SBx. You're right about the music, dreary, banal, dull and those are the better ones (if you're listening Laura, sorry, I appreciate that you can't use "proper" music without paying heavy royalties).

But... We can use the music as an incentive, if you get through another couple of weeks you'll never have to listen to it again, isn't that inspiring ? ;-)


Great job fighting through the dreary tunes and rough run, SexyBexy!! It seems that some runs go really well and then out of the blue a run will just be a terrible struggle! The next one may be right back to an easy cruise!! I just can't get over how many people can run and hear their music. I am constantly plagued by the wheezing and gasping of some old, fat man right behind me!! (I know that he must be following me...those sounds couldn't be from me!! :-) ) Keep it up, you are doing great!!


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