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The excuses book

Well - I got some bad news yesterday and as a result got very drunk last night.

Got up this a.m thought about bad news and hungover head, therefore thought I was quite high up on the list of excuses which would mean I didn't have to run today. Kept thinking about it and something inside my head screamed at me "Just go out and do the bloody run!!!!".

So I did (Wk6 R1) and it was OK, it took my mind off my worries and it actually lifted my mood a bit. Lots of flooding here so had to change route, which I think was another helpful factor in me quite enjoying it.

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Amazing you could do so well after drinking. I tried that early on and was totally miserable. Welcome to week 6 and hoping things get better for you. Nice job in just getting out there today and doing it compared to logging it in the excuses book!!!! :-)


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