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Bad weather - Is it even worth trying?

They say it's grim up North and they'd be right about today.

I'd planned to set off on week 5 run 1 today. The weather however is atrocious! Day 2 of constant torrential rain and gale force winds!

I'm aware that it is possible and even sometimes nice to run in the rain, but i'm concerned my clothing will become waterlogged, heavy and cold, my phone/mp3 will get water damaged and I'll be fighting against the wind too!

This will be my first rain run if I go.

Is it worth trying or am I just going to be fighting a losing battle today? :(

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Stay safe. I ran today in a very brief period when the wind and rain died down some what. I thought it safer not to use my mp3 player so I could keep 100% of my attention on what was happening all around me, ie the traffic and the trees (which were losing branches.)


I run on a local Sustrans route so I'm lucky that there isn't any traffic (apart from the occasional cyclist).

Normally on my morning runs it's a constant litany of "morning!", "morning!", "morning!" to the people I pass.

Today ... nobody! It was quite nice to have the who track to myself (apart from a startled squirrel).

I'd say, if it's safe, give its a go and see how you get on. Be prepared to alter your running style/personal best times to take into account different clothing/weather/environment etc..

If you're worried about your MP3 player just put it in a plastic sandwich bag and loosely fasten the top with the cord sticking out.

Basically, I feel I've worked hard to become "a runner" and, as such, I'm prepared to give it a go and see just what I can do. (Although, I'm drawing the line when it gets icy - then I'm off to the gym).

And, as a final note, if you're considering running in our beautiful UK autumn weather - I beat my personal best time this morning even though it felt like I was running through treacle. So, who knows what you can do!


i was thinking the same yesterday - i was due to do wk5r2. When i looked out the window i said to my husband im not doing it- too wet, cold, dark and windy. His response - to kick myself and the dog out the door at 5.30 am. i finished the run, was drenched, freezing cold and the dog was in a bad mood with me all day. However i felt fantastic and really smug all day that i had done it and actually enjoyed it. I'm so glad my husband is so 'supportive'. Got the biggy on thurdsay wk5r3 - eeekkk!

To echo swanscot - stay safe and listen to your body and good luck!


Thanks guys.

I managed to do it in the end. The rain eased off to just a pelting drizzle so I took my chances.

I run in a large local cemetery/nature reserve. I love it cos its not as busy as the local park and there's plenty of tree coverage for rain and sun.

Today was lovely. The rain doesn't really bother me to be honest. I just don't like hurricane weather.

I am worried about what to do when it does get too bad.

I feel like I'm making real progress now so don't want it stopped by weather.


I am glad yesterday was my rest day. Up here in NE Scotland we had trees down and all sorts. If it had been my run day, I would have gone to the gym and used the treadmill for the first time. I'm lucky we have memberships.


I was feeling the same yesterday. It's not quite so bad down here, and I managed to go out in between showers. Have way through it started raining, although not too bad. About 2 minutes from home the torrential rain started, and even though I had just finished my 5 min cool down I ran like crazy to get home! Made it, but was drenched. I didn't mind that as I was pretty hot and sweaty anyway, and somehow my ipod survived. Definitely need to buy some sandwich bags! I think I would find it hard to start running in the rain though. But I am determined to keep running outside during winter, even if it's less often.


Glad you managed it Hezzabelle-same down here. I did manage to get out in the end though, and did run 2 yesterday (week 5). Lovely day here today, just hope the same tomorrow morning for the dreaded 20 minute run.


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