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Fitbit. Is is worth it?



I'm thinking about celebrating my graduation with the purchase of a fitbit, but wondered if you lovely people would recommend it, or would it become another underused gadget in the bottom of a drawer?

Your thoughts would be very welcome.


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I have a fitbit Charge HR.

I held off on buying one because I thought the same as you - would be a bit of a gimmicky fad.

My mum and sister had had theirs for about 6 months before I bought mine. It was great at first - we could do 'step challenges' I monitored my water intake to get in my 2 liters (or whatever it is).

Now....I just use it as a watch (had it for 9 months). It's OK and I still use it to get points on apps like bounts and runningheros etc - but that's it.

Others out there may still be feeling the love for theirs......?

Un-reluctant_runnerGraduate in reply to Sarah-A

Thanks. Very useful.

Sarah-AGraduate in reply to Un-reluctant_runner

Probably should mention, that it often has syncing issues (on the accompanying app) which is really frustrating. On a couple of occassions I have had to reset the device.

It uses Bluetooth for the sync, so it could be an issue with the bluetooth technology. (My android is 6.0 marshmallow)


Why do you think you want/need a fitbit (or any other gadget) and what model are you considering?

I have a fitbit Charge HR; and it is fine if you want to use it - coupled with its app - as food diary, activity log, sleep log, etc. On the other hand, it does not have alarms for heart rate, therefore you ,might find it limited as a HR training tool.

Finally, if you do not know/are not sure why you want a fitbit and you are considering it only because you are under the (wrong) impression that "all serious runners use a heart monitor", you probably do not need it and you can save the money or treat yourself to something you actually enjoy, for your graduation. ;)

Un-reluctant_runnerGraduate in reply to secan

Words of wisdom. Thanks.

Perhaps I will go for a cream cake instead!

secanGraduate in reply to Un-reluctant_runner

A cream cake seems a much more satisfying option indeed... :D


Might be worth taking a look at gps running watches as an alternative :) OR a botte of champagne though they don't fit on the wrist too well!

Un-reluctant_runnerGraduate in reply to Runon

Great advice. Thanks.

pop, glug, glug

RunonGraduate in reply to Un-reluctant_runner

Definitely go for the champagne :) I've got a TomTom Runner 2 which does all the GPS mapping stuff and has a HR monitor built in but also has an activity monitor so it kind of does the fitbit stuff too. It also has an mp3 player that pairs with bluetooth headphones. I think it is also starting to grow legs so it can actually do the running for me :)


I'm considering a Garmin once I've completed the 9 weeks so that I can track my distance. I don't have a smart phone so just using a stop watch on my wrist to do each week if I'm alone (as my running partner has the app on her phone).

runswithdogsGraduate in reply to Son1

I've been loving my entry level Garmin fitness running watch for the last 2 years. It's really great to see how far each run is, and the program keeps a lifetime total distance, which is the absolute best statistic.


I have a I have a fitbit Charge HR and am still quite enamoured with it. I like hitting my daily goals (steps, stairs, number of active minutes etc) and watching as my resting heart rate slowly descends as I am getting fitter.

I also have it paired with the app, where I log all my food, but I do think that Fitbit overestimates your calorie consumption, as well as being a little over zealous in its step count (stroking the cat apparently counts as "steps" for example).

It is a gimmick, but one that I still find quite motivating. Your milage may vary.

Sarah-AGraduate in reply to cathalicious

Yep - I can really log up the 'steps' by brushing my hair! lol :)


I like keeps me motivated to reach step, sleep and active hours every day.. like comparing and noticing when lulls occur and makes me understand why :)

What an amazing group of people you all are!

I've saved myself 70 odd quid, the price of the fitbit minus the bubbly, and have got lots of other ideas for my nerdy data moments.



What exactly do you want to do with your Fitbit? I have a Fitbit flex and a Garmin GPS running watch. I use them for two totally different things. The flex is an activity monitor - it motivates me in my everyday life to walk to the shops instead of taking the car. The GPS watch, on the other hand, I use as a running motivator. It tells me where I have run, how long it took, what my heart rate was etc. To me the two items are complementary. One is for use in your daily life and stays on my wrist permanently. The other only comes out when I get my running shoes out.

I don't understand what use monitoring my heart rate would be for my day to day activities - I've never quite understood what the Charge HR and similar are supposed to be doing, though I do have a colleague who uses a HRM in particularly boring meetings (it wakes him up when he falls asleep and his heart rate drops...)

Un-reluctant_runnerGraduate in reply to AdamB

I really need the HRM. Do you think I could get one by tomorrow at 11!


I've had the Fitbit Charge since last summer. I love gadgets and do find it very motivational,especially since dieting and taking up the Couch to 5K programme.

I sync it with MyFitnessPal, watching calories, steps and active minutes. It may not be acurate,but for me it doesn't seem to vastly over calculate steps.

It's also good for monitoring patterns and also being linked to Bounts, gives me points towards vouchers etc.


Bought a Fitbit Friday. Returned it Monday. Iphone tracks steps more accurately and wasn't convinced by the hrm.

Go a bit extra for a garmin, u won't regret. I got a mio link for £66 on Amazon. Only does hr but it's accurate/ agrees chest strap.

Good luck with whatever u go for :)

Hidden in reply to Hidden

Enjoy the champagne and cake !!


If you don't need the optical heart rate (which some people find don't work for intensive training, more successful at tracking 24/7 HR including your 'resting heart rate' which is useful) and want an activity tracker with running capabilities then I _highly_ recommend the Garmin VivoActive (last year's) which you can pick up on Amazon for close to £100.


I had a look at the Fitbit, then opted for a Garmin.


I just wanted to know how many steps I was doing and over what distance, as I don't often have my phone with me.

Read reviews of pedometers, but an accurate one was too much money for me! I ended up with a Xiaomi Mi Band for under £12 from Amazon. It does everything I want accurately enough, plus tells me how rubbish I sleep (although I didn't need anything to tell me that, I knew already!)

tizzicatGraduate in reply to LonelyWalker

I got a free pedometer years ago with Walkers Crisps. I use that in "normal" life, I..e., not running. I think it's fairly accurate - it doesn't think stroking the cat is stepping!


Ive had Fitbits in the past. Awful synching issues with my android phone (which is up to date oreo/8), plus it didnt recognise my swimming. Ive had a Garmin in the past so went back to Garmin. More accurate. I think it’s motivating to have some form of tracker.

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