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A wild one

So I had lots of ideas on how post grad run 2 would go, but after looking out the window I picked the speed podcast. I reasoned that it was the shortest one, and the speed might just keep me warm. So off I went at 6am already thinking of the warm bath I would get when I got back.

Halfway down the hill I realised I'd left my gloves behind. By the bottom of said hill I'd lost the feeling in my fingers. The gremlin on my shoulder helpfully suggested we go home. Grump..... On we plodded through the warm up. 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4.......

Then we were transported straight back to week 1 run 3, but at a much faster pace. I'd like to say 10 weeks after doing w1r3 it was easier. It wasn't!! 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4. Maybe choosing to do the speed cast in the same place where I'd done week 1 had been a mistake. I'd figured it would be a bit more sheltered and it's certainly flat. Memories of that run came flooding back. My awful blister, the ache in my hip. Then something changed. I realised just how far I'd come in 10 weeks, how much stronger I am, how much I enjoy running. Then there I was flying through the mud, rain and wind just soaking up great feeling of knowing that I could do this.

If anything was hard on this run it was the slowing down. I found I just wanted to continue at the faster pace, but knew I had to listen to Laura and slow the pace. By the last interval I was having to really push myself but I felt super. I'm really enjoying these podcasts.

Now for my longest gap between runs. I won't run again until Monday morning, wibble.

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sounds great, AnnaDJ. I might do that one next time I run - which should have been yesterday but the wild weather stopped play. Ha ha the weather's even worse today, hope you're OK in your part of Yorkshire - this bit of North Yorkshire is not good today, rivers rising, floods etc. They're actually advising people to stay at home!


We live on such a big hill that the water is just rushing past. If it keeps up much longer though I can see the same warnings heading our way. The wind is the bit that has picked up big style today though. I thought twice before heading into the park due to the trees. I suspect tomorrows S&F will be another indoor one.


Well done Anna. It sounds like you had a good run and a good workout in that run!

I was going to do Speed podcast today too, but choose to run without music today. Since I'm running on the road (albeit a single-track road) as their is not pavement and no grass verge in places, I thought it best not to have earphones today so I could hear the traffic above the sound of the wind. Instead I choose to 'stretch' myself by tackling hills today. This worked fine in that I could stick to the local, hiilly roads.

I hope I'll manage to try the Speed podcast on my next run.


That's fantastic – well done! Not easy running in the wind and rain. I tried the speed podcast a few times last week and it's helped me gain a little more speed and mileage. Graduation run was 3.91K in 30 minutes after a few speed podcast runs I did 4.28K in 32 minutes and yesterday managed my first 5K but took 37 minutes – slow I know, but getting better and still enjoying it. Now if it would just stop raining!!


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