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W9R1, legs like lead

After a 4 day rest, I decided to test my dodgy knee this morning. I set off very slowly and all was well, leg ached slightly but no "real" pain. Both legs felt really heavy today and my slow pace didn't speed up at all. The plus side of this slower pace meant that breathing was good today, I managed 30 mins running and I did cover a greater distance than the 28 min runs. The warm down walk was tough, leg started to ache.

Had a nice hot bath when I got home, and exercised leg/knee in the bath and massaged around my knee and feel much better now.

I timed going out for my run just right this morning, there was a slight drizzle the whole time I was running, then when nearly home on the warm down walk it started tipping down.

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Look at you! Week 9!! You will have your graduate badge before you know it! Heavy legs seem to be a common complaint, woman even more so. I wonder if some of it could be fluid retention, hormones etc? I hope the knee feels better for your next run.


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