Couch to 5K

W9R1 - calfs of lead and thighs of steel !!!

first up I am beaming from ear to ear as I write this one, this is a place I would never thought I would see. I'm running week9.

That means 30 mins non stop, or 6 full lengths of my dead straight road. when Laura said I had done 10mins it felt good - I had found my pace and was settling in.

and then I wondered .... just how far have I really come in the last 8 weeks? ....

Sod it I stepped it up a little and remembered reading something about lengthening your stride ... On my 3rd km I clocked in at 6:05 ..... Too right it had worked, so back to ordinary pace for the rest of the session.

So fat lad you're almost there ... 2 more to do.... Looking more than doable now.

Oh and the title... Just been sat on the couch and noticed that my calfs are like lead on the running, but my thighs - they've had a pretty amazing transformation.

Happy Running

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Wow that's a great time for your 3rd K - well done! Almost there now - only 2 to go!!


Thank you - it was a great feeling putting a fast one in, but I couldn't have carried it on. and just 2 more to go - I'm not only starting to love running, I'm so excited about graduating too.


Well done! Lengthening the stride, might have to try that! :)


certainly seemed to work for me & seemed fairly natural too.

enjoy your graduation run later!


you have come a long way, it is amazing what people can do when they put their mind to it.

Well done and good luck for the final two runs - upwards and onwards :-)


lol - you know I have that one as the first track on my cool-down playlist as the lyrics are so apt for everyone on C25K

Weve come a long long way together,

Through the hard times and the good,

I have have to celebrate you baby,

I have to praise you like I should

And appropriately for me from FatBoySlim's album you've come a long way baby... just thought I would share that..

but yes I am totally amazed by what people continue to achieve & especially when you learn to train your mind that it's not impossible despite how daunted you feel at the time.

Definitely onwards and upwards.


Well done boy!!! Stretch out those calves after a run...Bet you are not the fat lad anymore ;)


Thanks Barbs - yes I think I might need to pay a little more attention to the stretches after especially now I am nailing 3x5k each week (damn that feels so good saying that).

oh and am still a fat lad - just a fat lad who can run a bit! .... apparently 44mins+ is the fat burning zone I need to be in, so that's my july/august target now..


Good for you...I am a definite fatty and am doing 1-3 5Ks a week now. I do suffer with calf pain and the advice from physio/ dr etc is stretch them out for at least 30-40 seconds a time...lower and upper calf stretches. Beginning to make adifference. I understand the good feeling in saying that you run..well done !!!


Well done! Loooking forward to your graduation blog


... but not as much as I am looking forward to being actually able to write it too


well done, you did it ! you made it to week 9, so pleased for you, we are so close to getting our shiny badges. I wish they send us a real one though, id wear mine all the time haha.

great time for your 3rd km as well. fantastic :-)


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