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It's good to be back!

Not done that much running for the last few weeks, mostly because of pain at the back of my ankle - probably tendonitis. I didn't run at all for about a fortnight and concentrated on doing lots of stretches and got myself some new running shoes. I did go walking last week with just a few minutes of running to see where things were at with the ankle and it seemed OK so on Fri I decided to try a proper run.

Put on the stamina podcast just to see what it was like knowing that I would not run the full distance. Managed about 20 mins but stopped at the first sign of a twinge from the ankle. I was almost relieved to have the excuse! It's hard work and I think it will be a while yet before I manage the whole thing without any walking.

It was such a beautiful day though that I kept on walking and then the speed podcast came on. I thought I would do a few of the intervals for the fun of it (I loved the speed podcast the only other time I tried it) and managed about 3 before the mp3 player died. Took that as a sign that i should go home but it was so lovely to be back out running I could have gone on all day! Fortunately the ankle seems to be OK now so apart from some lingering paranoia I am back to normal tho I will keep up with the extra stretches.

Hubby thought I was mental going out running today as it was wet, miserable and freezing. Brrrr. Only did about 20 mins and much faster than usual because I wanted to get home. Skipped the cool down walk and ran to the front door because I reckoned if I slowed down they would find a block of ice in the morning. It was still lovely to be running. I suppose I must officially infected with the bug! :-)

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Welcome back pingle! Happy to read the ankle is better. I giggled at the end with your ice and catching the bug comment! ;-)


Welcome back and well done on your run. I'm looking at a possible first run in the rain tonight. Hope I don't find that ice!


Hi pingle welcome back, good to hear ankle is sorted, take care. :)


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